Lovely Petunia

What’s better than loyalty, simplicity, and plain straight-forwardness.  Then there’s beauty to boot!  It’s one lovely flower that I appreciate for all it brings to the garden, and adds to my life. 

Pleasant Petunia sits on my deck mounding round and round in all it’s summer glory, like a sentry dressed in yellow blooms and fluffy green leaves.  Though the sun beats down long, long and relentlessly, it just smiles. 

The Petunias bordering my tangle of tomatoes are real heroes of mine, making the mess right behind much more pleasant on the eyes.  All I have to do is add a little water, and give a little pinch time to time.

Big-hearted, bright gladness.  Showy in its unpretentiousness.  Loyal to a fault.  Knows nothing but a life of work.

Lovely Petunia what would I do without ya?  You don’t ask for much,  you never make a fuss, you are dependable and with you I know always what to expect.  You never change, you always are what you are.  No complaints, no tantrums that’s right–no diva you.  People can be like plants in some of their ways, but there are none I know with all the ways lovely like you.

Okay, that’s my homage to the hardest working plant in garden-business! 

Kitchen Tip Ahead:

Now what’s the hardest working foodstuff in kitchen-business?  I’d say probably the onion; but in my kitchen it would be garlic.  It goes in so many of my dishes and I couldn’t live without it.    I’d been passing up the peeled garlic in the grocer’s for years, then a few weeks ago I gave it a try.  I’ll tell you, never will I go back to the papery-clothed variety.  There’s nothing like reaching into the refrigerator, pulling out what I need and just getting on with it.  Peeling garlic seems like such a small thing, but when you don’t have to, it’s almost a blessing!

(Will meet you back here tomorrow with a recipe) 

English: Waitrose ready peeled garlic in a pla...
English: Waitrose ready peeled garlic in a plastic pot. (Photo credit: Wikipedia) 


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